Tool Kit

This tool kit is your guide to the potential of Ford Made in America. It represents
months of collaboration among the orchestras, the composer, program
staff, and many others involved in this effort. All of its contributors hope that it
enriches your performance of Joseph Schwantner’s Chasing Light…, and that it will
have a positive effect well beyond this program’s conclusion.

Complete Ford Made in America Tool Kit (pdf, 2999KB)

Front Pages
Introduction (pdf, 246KB)

Part One: Activities
Education Activities (pdf, 581KB)
Promotion Activities (pdf, 206KB)
Performance Activities (pdf, 172KB)
Crediting Guidelines (pdf, 693KB)
Crediting Templates
Final Report Form (pdf, 100KB)

Part Two: Tools
Joseph Schwantner Tools (pdf, 363KB)
Program Tools (pdf, 910KB)
Multimedia Tools (pdf, 284KB)

Individual Tool Kit Items
Joseph Schwantner Full bio (pdf, 244KB)
Joseph Schwantner Short bio (pdf, 229KB)
Chasing Light...Program Note (pdf, 70KB)
General Project Description (pdf, 68KB)
National Press Release (pdf)
Local Press Release Template (Word document)

A midi audio realization of Joseph Schwantner’s Chasing Light… is available for study purposes upon request. To request access to the audio realization, please contact James Barry of the League of American Orchestras at


© 2008 League of American Orchestras. Chasing Light..., page 12, by Joseph Schwantner, copyright © 2008 by Schott Helicon Music Corporation. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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